Safety & health

Arena5 values the safety and health of its visitors above all.

Health measures

We closely follow measures and health protocols to eliminate all risks. All events will first be approved by the CERM (Covid Event Risk Model), the government and the local authorities. 

List of forbidden objects

For the general security, following objects are forbidden on the site:

Weapons, knives, sharp objects or any other object that may be considered dangerous by the organization, drugs, explosives, fireworks, glass, cans, bricks, plastic bottles, sprays (deodorants, perfumes), alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, food, camel bags/ water backpacks, large backpacks (> 45 cm height, > 30 l content), tripods, selfie sticks, drones, professional photo, film and/or recording equipment, tablets, water cans /drink cups/bowls, horns or other objects that make a lot of noise, lasers, flashlights, blankets, benches, (folding) chairs, umbrellas, baskets, cool boxes, (motor) bikes, skateboards, skates, flash on smartphones, inflatable objects such as beach balls, balloons and frisbees, pets.

A problem on site?

If you have a problem at the event, ask our volunteers (you can recognise them by their black Arena5 t-shirts or blue chasubles for people with reduced mobility), red cross, security (Protection Unit) or anyone else working at Arena5 for help.


Through the Sorting Kit (Kit de Tri), we are working together on Arena5 with Fost Plus, Net Brussels and Bruxelles Environnement, to reduce litter and improve waste sorting in the Brussels-Capital Region during events.

With a team called the "Eco-Team", we ensure the cleanliness of the site and make sure that waste is properly sorted. On site you will find 2 types of bins: plastic bins and general waste bins. Please respect and dispose of your waste in the correct bin.

If you cannot find the right bin or need help, please find someone from the Eco-Team in yellow. The waste is also sorted after collection by the Eco-Team if needed. We also have glass and paper containers backstage.

You will also find ashtrays on site (green, on a stand). Please throw your cigarette butts into these ashtrays; and at the same time choose the answer to the survey that you like best!

We also work with reusable cups from Re-uz and Duvel. Don't forget to return them to the bar (on the right at the back) to collect your euro deposit.

"Together > Sort well > Recycle better”

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